This decision is to build the most suitable production of Toyota group system in Indonesia. Hino expands the factory of HMMI which produced large medium-sized truck and buses until now and founds the product line of the light truck. I enlarged the production scale to 35,000 from 10,000 a year at the same time to fix the full-line up production system of a large middle light truck and the bus and became in this way the largest for a production base of Hino in foreign countries. In addition, Hino produces the trust such as trucks of Toyota in Japan, but this Indonesia tries what is given the production of the joint development car in trust abroad for the first time. In addition, Hino store sells the Dyna to Dutro according to to this about the sale Toyota store.
The person concerned including the Boediono Vice President with government, Shiojiri stationed-in-Indonesia Japan Ambassador invited a large number of guests to a line off ceremony, and Managing Director Sonoda, Toyota officer, Hino President Shirai and HMMI President Ohara and others attended.
The Managing Director Sonoda officer of Toyota that rose for the greetings by a ceremony stated, "I was convinced by gathering the production of the light truck in Hino that was the specialty maker of the truck bus when the most suitable truck production system as Toyota group in Indonesia was realized and want to help the Indonesian visitor through both Toyota, Hino brands more.".